11 Ways to Find Ideas & Trends on TikTok for Viral Content

TikTok is a social media sensation that has grabbed audiences with its short videos and created a unique blend of virality and entertainment. Aspiring artists strive for the desired “viral” moment when their content rises in popularity, driving them to internet fame.

The most recent social media data indicates that recreating a TikTok trend increases view time by 14%. Additionally, compared to other platforms, TikTok remembers brands 40% more.  By giving TikTok trends a relatable brand twist, you can genuinely engage with your target audience in addition to enjoying the hook steps. 

But no need to worry anymore!

With the 11 effective tactics in this comprehensive guide, you can identify popular concepts and turn them into content that can become viral.

11 Methods of Finding top TikTok trends

TikTok has several options within the app to help businesses and creators stay up to date on what’s happening. TikTok also provides a library of video ideas, suggestions, and inspiration known as the TikTok Creative Center. It helps users create content that resonates with their audience and ultimately earns many tiktok likes and views. 

Here are some of the best techniques to spot the latest TikTok trends.

  1. Explore the For You Page (FYP)

Consider the FYP your personal trend discovery hub. This curated feed showcases a personalized selection of trending videos based on your watch history, likes, and interactions.  Spend quality time scrolling through the FYP, engaging with content that catches your eye.  Pay attention to:

  • Sounds and Hashtags: Popular sounds and trending hashtags often strongly indicate what’s capturing viewers’ attention. Note frequently used sounds and hashtags that pique your interest and align with your niche or content style.
  • Video Formats and Challenges: The FYP is a melting pot of creative formats and viral challenges. Identify popular video formats (comedy skits, dance trends, educational tutorials) and challenges you can adapt and put your unique spin on.
  1. Get into Trending Sounds

Sounds are the main of many viral trends on TikTok. When a catchy song or audio clip takes off, creators weave it into their videos, creating a sense of cohesion and community. Here’s how to leverage trending sounds:

  • Identify Trending Sounds: Utilize the “Discover” tab to explore trending sounds. Observe which sounds have the most video creation and user engagement.
  • Brainstorm Video Ideas: Listen to trending sounds with a creative ear. Can you craft a funny skit, a dance routine, or a helpful tutorial set to this sound? Let the sound inspire your content creation.
  1. Trend discovery from TikTok’s Creative Center

Use TikTok’s Creative Center to discover trends effectively:

  • Choose your target audience’s country: Choose your target audience’s country to see local viral content.
  • Follow hashtag trails: Follow trending hashtags to tap into more significant trends.
  • Filter creators by followers and likes: Filter creators by follower count and likes to gauge trend popularity.
  • Get creative: Budget for video production to explore trends creatively.

Remember, TikTok is about fun and creativity, so experiment freely!

  1. Analyze Videos on the Hashtag Page

Don’t just throw trending hashtags into your caption unquestioningly. Take a deeper dive to understand how creators are using them. Here’s how to get the most out of hashtag pages:

  • Examine Featured Videos: Review the most popular videos on the page containing a popular hashtag. Determine the elements, video formats, and common themes that make them successful.
  • Adapt and Innovate: Take inspiration from popular videos to inform your creative approach within the trending hashtag context. However, avoid just copying what others are doing.
  1. Follow Trendsetting Creators

Identify and follow creators who consistently produce viral content within your niche or across the platform. Here’s how to learn from the best:

  • Study Their Methods: Pay close attention to the kinds of content they produce, the they employ, and the ways in which they interact with their audience.
  • Change Their Minds (Ethically): Rather than duplicating their work, make unique and creative interpretations of it. Can you give a well-liked task your special twist?
  1. Look Beyond TikTok for Inspiration

Inspiration can strike anywhere! Here are some ways to find trending topics outside the TikTok app:

  • Cross-pollination on Social Media: Look into popular subjects on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other networks. Could you turn those trends into interesting TikTok videos?
  • Pop Culture and News: Stay up to date with the latest in pop culture, current affairs, and news. Could you make a funny skit or educational video commentary about a hot topic right now?
  1. Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaboration breeds creativity and expands your reach. Here’s how to leverage collaboration:

  • Duet Challenges: Use the duet feature to participate in trending duet challenges and interact creatively with other creators’ content. This can open up new ideas and lead to a broader audience discovering your content.
  • Cross-Promotion: Partner with creators and promote each other’s content to your respective audiences. This is a strategic way to expand your reach without feeling salesy.
  1. Experiment with Different Video Formats

TikTok thrives on variety. Feel free to experiment with different video formats to engage your audience and discover what resonates best. Here are some popular formats to explore:

  • Comedy Skits: Make funny skits about everyday situations or trends to connect with viewers through humor.
  • Dance Trends: Try popular dance routines, even if you’re not a pro. Viewers appreciate the effort and fun of these videos.
  1. Engage with Your Audience

Maintaining a lively community on TikTok requires regular participation. Here’s how to increase participation:

  • Respond to Comments: Take time to reply to comments, answer questions, and thank viewers. This personal touch builds loyalty.
  • Conduct Q&A Session: Use the Q&A section to engage with the audience. It’s an enjoyable method of participation and knowledge sharing.
  • Hold surveys and competitions: You may promote involvement by holding surveys or competitions. Your audience will be inspired to create and have conversations as a result.
  1. Post Consistently

To stay engaged on TikTok, consistently publish Strive for consistency rather than frequency to keep your audience interested and improve your chances of appearing on the For You Page (FYP).

  1. Analyze Your Performance and Adapt

Examine your TikTok video performance to improve your approach:

  • Track Insights: Use TikTok’s analytics to monitor views, likes, comments, and completion rates and determine what functions best.
  • Refine Strategy: Adjust your approach based on insights. Experiment with formats, captions, and posting times to optimize reach and engagement.


Think creatively, consistently, and strategically use trends to become famous on TikTok. 

Remain true to yourself, show off your individuality, and don’t be afraid to try new things. The community is looking for sincere creators with new concepts. 

So embrace trends, let your creativity run wild, and relish your road to TikTok stardom!

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