Orthodontics and Sports? Protect your Smile

Carrying out sports activities with orthodontics is perfectly feasible, but it is crucial to prioritize oral protection during practice. If you are a sports fan, you exercise regularly, or even dedicate yourself professionally to it, and you are considering orthodontic treatment in McAllister Orthodontics, this entry is designed to resolve all your concerns and provide you with the best options.

Safeguarding your orthodontics while playing sports is of paramount importance. Not only are your teeth at risk of damage in the event of an impact but there is also a chance that your braces could become damaged, which could cause injuries to your lips and cheeks.

Sports with Invisible Orthodontics

Participation in contact sports, such as martial arts or boxing, while wearing braces is generally not recommended due to the high risk of receiving blows to the face. However, this combination is not necessarily incompatible. Among the various techniques to align teeth, Invisible Orthodontics stands out as an excellent choice.

Invisible Orthodontics eliminates the risks of breakage or damage since it is removable. This means you can remove it and store it during your training sessions or competitions, allowing you to focus on enjoying yourself and doing your best without worry.

Additionally, invisible aligners are ideal for lower-intensity sports or sports with a lower risk of contact. They allow you to practice sports with orthodontics as they fit perfectly to your teeth, minimizing the possibility of them falling out in the event of an impact.

Lingual Orthodontics: Created For Athletes

Lingual Orthodontics, which involves fixing the brackets on the inside of the teeth, constitutes a safe strategy by eliminating the possibility of injuries to the lips or teeth due to possible facial impacts.

One of the outstanding features of Lingual Orthodontics is that the brackets are meticulously designed for each particular tooth. This precise adaptation guarantees an optimal connection and exceptional fixation to the teeth. As a result, this technique provides a highly personalized and effective solution, especially for those who want to play sports with complete peace of mind while undergoing their orthodontic treatment.

Playing Sports With Braces Is Possible: How to Protect Orthodontics?

Braces should not be considered a barrier to practicing sports, but it is essential to have adequate protection. In disciplines with a high degree of contact, the use of full face protection and a mouth guard are essential.

In sports such as football, rugby, basketball, or paddle tennis, to name a few, it is generally sufficient to use a suitable mouth guard that offers defense against minor impacts. However, these mouthguards cannot be customized as the teeth shift during treatment. It is recommended to opt for heat and bite moldable models to ensure correct adaptation as the teeth adjust.

Healthy Teeth To Prevent Injuries

You may not be aware, but your athletic performance is intrinsically linked to your oral health. In addition, athletes are part of the groups with the highest risk of suffering from dental erosion and cavities.

If you are passionate about sports and want to safeguard the health of your teeth, here are some tips. Remember that a mouth in good condition not only improves your performance but also prevents injuries:

Since your sports diet usually includes a lot of carbohydrates, it is crucial to maintain rigorous dental hygiene, since cariogenic bacteria transform these carbohydrates into acids that are harmful to enamel.

Isotonic drinks are often high in sugar, which can lead to cavities and tooth erosion. Opt for the least harmful options for your oral health; choose those that lack added sugars.

Adequate hydration is essential; Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during, and after playing sports.

Avoid breathing through your mouth whenever you can. Saliva acts as a defense against bacteria on the teeth, so it is essential to breathe properly to prevent dry mouth.

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